Day trip to Winthrop and the Coulees- part 2

Click here for part 1 of our trip!

After passing through the mountain we made it to the Wild West town of Winthrop.

My co-worker was actually in Winthrop for the weekend as well. He’s the happy guy standing by the pole.

Some cowboys and cowgirls were dancing before the parade started.

They were rather fun to watch!

There were firetrucks.

Old cars.


All sorts of carriages and buggies.

There was an authentic Gypsy wagon in the parade! This was my favorite piece in the parade.

Some roller derby girls skated down town.

Even the local septic service company had a float in the parade. Notice the disturbing costume?

The septic company kept their candy in a toilet. Very clever.

Hot air balloon equipment!

There were some fun activities for the 49er Days weekend!

There were two or three marching bands parading down the street.

Cute little barn!

This was the largest horse parade in Washington. I love horses if you didn’t know!

What a sweet little pony! That is Sparkles the pony.

That’s a gorgeous horse! Notice the dogs riding along?

My sister and I used to ride on a horse together like that!

Fuzzy legs all around.

Pack mule line.

These guys had a little skit they performed in the street. We actually saw them at the Fourth of July parade in Everett last year.

Winthrop has a few of these saddle stools in town. I am IN LOVE!! I want one or four of them!

Stay tuned for the last part of our trip!  We finally make it to the Washington desert.

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