Day trip to Winthrop and the Coulees- part 1

I wake up with the sun even on the weekends! We were on the road just before 6am.

When we leave the city I remember that I do miss the countryside! I grew up with farms and fields all around me. I sure do love living in a city, but the country pulls at my heart!

The moon and moos.

We found this awesome 7up sign in the town of Concrete, WA.

The buildings in the town of Concrete is made mostly out of concrete. Apparently they had trouble with the town burning down.

They did have some fun buildings in Concrete!

We found this tiny chapel while driving on Route 20.

This train engine was sitting along the road before reaching the mountain pass. You could even ring the bell on the train. Eric gave that bell a good ‘ol ring!

The small small town of Diablo is made up of these weird little houses. Eric was disappointed that there wasn’t a Church of Diablo in the town. (Diablo means Devil)

Moon and mountains.

There’s a scenic pull-off while going over the pass where you can see Lake Diablo.

I documented the snow as we went over the pass. This road through the Cascade Mountain range was just opened this past week. The road is closed in the winter due to the insane amounts of snowfall. There are two road crews that work to clear the snow that falls throughout the winter and to clean up avalanches.

Roama the jackalope was enjoying the ride.

More snow.

There were plenty of cars parked along the road with skis in hand.

I’m not a huge fan of snow, but it’s lovely to see it while in the mountains.

I tried to get photos with the car in front of us in them. You can really see how deep the snow was with something to compare it to!

Too much snow.

This area is gorgeous!

I love the sweeping mountains!

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2 thoughts on “Day trip to Winthrop and the Coulees- part 1

  1. we made that drive last year, but I think it was in June …. I love it!

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