A quick trip to Whidbey Island and adventures with a kitten!

Eric and I ventured to a flea market type of thing today. This was our second trip to this store and the second time we were highly disappointed. We decided to keep on driving to Deception Pass and check out the bridge. This is looking out towards Puget Sound.

Deception Pass bridge.

We decided to keep on driving south on Whidbey Island to Fort Casey. There’s a pretty little lighthouse there too!

This was our third or fourth time at the fort. But this was the first time that we were able to climb up to the top of the lighthouse. See Eric up there?

View from the top.

This was my first time actually going inside a lighthouse!

There was a nice spiral staircase leading to the top of the lighthouse. It was super steep at the very top!

This was Eric’s first time in a lighthouse as well.

There was this odd quilt in the lighthouse for some reason. Cute little kittens!

Fort Casey.

Lovely yellow wildflowers on this grey day!

Fort Casey has many rooms and hallways and staircases to explore. The last time we were here we had flashlights and wandered around in the dark for a bit.

We walked to the other end of the fort.

I turned around to take a photo of some flowers…

And then I turned back around and saw Eric!

We decided to walk down to the beach. I was leading the way down the stairs and then screamed and turned right back around when I saw this. I can’t even look at this photo. I’ve never liked snakes. Yeah, he’s a tiny snake, but go away please! I made Eric walk by him to see if he would move. Then I looked away and ran passed him quick quick! I’m sure he lunged at me as I bolted by him though.

We made it to the beach! That’s where I took that photo of Eric taking a photo of me.

We were out for about 6 hours today exploring and soaking up the sun when the clouds finally decided beat cheeks. I’ve been wanting to take Juniper outside for some fresh air so I bought her a harness today. Pink really isn’t her color, but it was the only semi-fun color that was available. I really wanted an obnoxious yellow harness, but this is what I had to settle with.

She didn’t know what to make of the grass. She would spread her toes when she would take a step!

She had a good time exploring the front yard!

This bush in the front yard bloomed this week!

I bought Miss Kitten a toy snail when I bought the harness tonight. She was super excited when I showed it to her after the adventure in the front yard.

She knew that the snail was hers!

May the evisceration begin!!

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