Thursday finds.

I ventured to the thrift store tonight. I found another Polaroid 600 camera. $3.99! The new camera is on the left. It’s pretty much the same camera that I had, but my first one was leaving weird streaks on the photos.

The new camera actually takes much better photos! See? Lovely kitten.

I also found this older book about the NW National Parks. There are some photos in here. Maybe I’ll share some of those with you later!

Tonight Eric and I had some root beer. Juniper likes to knock Godzilla and Indiana Jones off of the windowsill. Bad baby kitty!

Annnnd…new boots! Fancy new vegan cowboy boots. I bought some fancy shoes for a wedding I’m going to next weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Thursday finds.

  1. Oh my WOW, that camera was a bargain! They are super expensive in Australia. And those boots are adorable!

    • Thanks! I’ve been seeing quite a few Polaroids in the thrift stores lately. There’s no way to tell if they work or not until you put film in them, but for $4 it’s worth a shot!

  2. Love the boots! Who makes them?

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