Happy National Screen Printing Day and new glasses!

Today is National Screen Printing Day! We made shirts to celebrate the day. I love screen printing and I love this squeegee. She’s my favorite squeegee in the world! No on else in the print shop likes her and that’s fine by me. We spend many hours together everyday. She’s made by Riley Hopkins in case you’re wondering where you buy such a fabulous ergonomic squeegee.

Beautiful squeegee.

The shirt was designed by Janis Klavins. Ryonet, a screen printing supply company, had a shirt design contest for NSPD and this was one of the winning designs. Fabulous!

NSPD success!

Remember those glasses I told you that I ordered last week? Well they arrived today. They are HUGE! Too big. I’m returning them for a slightly smaller pair. Too much glasses for my face! Excuse the Farrah Fawcett hair. It was one of those hair days.

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3 thoughts on “Happy National Screen Printing Day and new glasses!

  1. A belated thanks and Happy Screen Printing to you as well! I didn’t know that it was National New Glasses day too 0_o

  2. Imron

    Hahaha..good print ink. Regards visit us on facebook imrondarojat@gmail.com

  3. Nice shirt!! There’s another contest starting, and NSPD is coming up again soon!!

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