A very quick camera bag insert!

This weekend Eric and I are going on a day trip to central Washington. I decided that I finally needed to make that padded insert for my camera bag. I had a few different patterns I was going to follow, but they really seemed needlessly complicated. I decided to put the sewing machine away and get out the glue gun. Don't hate. First I measured the inside of my bag and determined the exact measurements I needed for the insert.


I drew some crude lines on my foam with a ruler and marker. I then cut those guys out! It turns out that I bought WAAAAY too much foam. I bought half a yard and then the foam store gave me a scrape piece of foam for free. I only used about half of the free piece. Need some foam?


I then cut out my fabric leaving about a half inch of extra fabric on all sides.


I hot glued those ends shut!


And then I hot glued velcro to the sides to attach them to each other.


Shove it in the bag and it's done! Final thoughts...one inch foam is overkill! Too much foam!


But my camera is safe and secure and snug! I'll put my glue gun in my holster and call it a night!

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2 thoughts on “A very quick camera bag insert!

  1. Thank you lady! I love the glue gun idea…I honestly found other tutorial needlessly complicated as well, so I’m loving your 5 minute camera bag solution. Has the glue held up alright with use?

    • I didn’t feel like spending HOURS trying to sew a bag I knew I could crank out in under one hour. It’s not the most glamorous thing in the world, but it’s in my bag and no one can see it. I haven’t had to take the insert out, but it’s holding up just fine! I used 1″ think foam, but that’s way too thick! My camera is protected, but 1/2″ or 3/4″ would work just as well!

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