Tiptoeing through the tulips.

It's tulip season here in the Pacific Northwest! Since it was sunny and warm today we decided to go to Mt. Vernon, WA . Mt. Vernon is the main spot for tulip spotting. There are some daffodil fields. Don't forget about the daffodils.

Last year when we were at the fields we were pretty much the only people there. This year there were hundreds of people. It was crazy! It was also hard to take decent photos because there were too many people roaming around.

I never realized how many different types of tulips there were!

Pretty reds.

And pretty yellows.

Row after row of daffodils.

Smartz and Herc.

There were a few couples who asked Eric to take their photo. It's always fun to watch people taking photos at places like this.

This is the largest tulip festival in the NW.

Black tulips! How fun are these?

Whites and pinks!

I like these spiky tulips.

We had muddy boots and ate some kettle corn. Kettle corn is a must at festivals and fairs.

The peachy tulips in the background are called Salmon Parrot tulips. They're curyly and my favorite type of tulip.

These tulips like to dance.

Hence their name "Moneymaker."

Someone made a sassy sign!

I took two shots with my Polaroid camera at the festival. I'm using Silver Shade film right now. Too bad I didn't have color film in the camera!

Lovely Polaroid, no?

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