Layer cake Friday!

Eric and I walked in the sunshine to the Co-op today to buy some ingredients to make a layer cake.


The blooming trees are just gorgeous now! And look at that sky! I swear it doesn't rain all the time here!


Let the cake making begin.


Oh what a fancy apron!


This was my cooling rack system. Not the prettiest setup in the world, but it worked.


Between the layers we put peanut butter icing.


Eric left me a secret message in this layer.


The outside of the cake was frosted with chocolate icing.




I had some leftover icing so I did a little piping. More sugar!!


She's not a beauty, but hey...she's alright.


Pipe it pipe it pipe it.


Round and around.


Oh and there was leftover peanut butter icing too.


And here's the finished product! A bad baby kitty was being a bad baby kitty.


Happy vegan!


Get cutting!


Lovely layers!


Happy vegan layer cake Friday!



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One thought on “Layer cake Friday!

  1. Looks yummy!

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