The final results of vegan cheese making!

I opened up one of the vegan cheese logs today. It pulled away from the cheese cloth which was a good sign, but it was still really really soft. I thought it would be a bit harder at this point.

I rolled the cheese in paprika. How lovely!

The cheese is very much a spreadable cheese and not a cutable cheese.

I think this could be something rather amazing, but it needs work! I'm one big big BIG complaint is that there is way too much salt in the cheese. I think it would be fine with maybe a fourth of what the recipe called for. The original person who posted the recipe I used compared this to goat cheese. Is goat cheese salty? I've never had goat cheese so I have nothing to compare it to. Here's to round two of cheese making!

Click here for the vegan cheese recipe!

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7 thoughts on “The final results of vegan cheese making!

  1. littleblackstar

    These look like little tiny bits of cinnamon rolls. The paprika looks like cinnamon and my mind is seeing icing. I want them. Oh dear lord.

  2. Ryan beggar

    I find most vegan cheese too salty. And most vegan veggie dishes too spicy. I think many recipes overcompensate for some perceived lack by overdoing spice.

  3. I left mine in the fridge for another couple of hours uncovered after rolling them in spices and it got firmer.

    • I’ll have to try that with the remaining rolls. Did yours seem too salty? Mine is so salty I’m just wondering if I botched the recipe and added too much by mistake.

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