The Monday menu!

I'm still figuring lighting and such things with my camera. Juniper tolerates my photo taking though.


I tried a recipe today for mushroom hot pot.

Click here to make mushroom hot pot!


I followed the recipe for the most part. I never seem to follow a recipe completely though. I didn't add tomatoes, onions or garlic. And I added more crushed pepper. The recipe is fantastic though! Too much salt. That's my only complaint. And I forgot to buy fresh basil today. Darn!


I purchased this yellow Samsonite bag from Etsy to transport my camera. I used to just throw my point and shoot in my bag, but that's not going to happen now. I plan on sewing some padding in the bag to cushion the camera and lenses.


She's yellow.


Junie thought the bag was hers.


Such a cute little face!


That whisker always curls up. It's kind of adorable.


Bag kitten!


I made some lovely red rice to go with the mushroom hot pot.


Mushroom hot pot with red rice! This smelled like the food I buy at Araya's Vegetarian Thai in Seattle. If I had fresh basil...and less salt I think it would be spot on. The recipe called for star anise and I think that's what did the trick!


Eric made tofu stir fry with soy curls, broccoli and rice noodles tonight for supper! Nothing but magic in the kitchen tonight!



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3 thoughts on “The Monday menu!

  1. Those photos are lovely! I especially love that first of Juniper peering out from the bag with big saucer eyes. Are you using the kit lens (18-55mm zoom) on the canon? I need to find a bag for mine but the one I want is sooooo expensive. Right now it’s in my Namaste knitting bag wrapped in a towel. :p

  2. I am just using the kit lens! It’s a decent lens, but I would like to try others sometime soon. I saw a bunch of cute camera bags on Some of them are expensive…but oh so cute!

  3. “Junie thought the bad was hers” bwahahhahah! Such a classic photo 🙂

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