Seattle and camera day!

I had a ripe mango and Chia Goodness for breakfast. Best breakfast ever!

Eric had a dentist appointment in Seattle today. Our dentist is awesome and loves zombies! This is his waiting room. So swanky!

So cute!

We ate at Bamboo Garden tonight. I ate corn chowder soup.

I also had some Shanghai style rice pasta in curry sauce.

Eric ate some Szechuan lo mein.

We ended the evening with some light gelato at Fainting Goat in Wallingford.

Sweet and sweet!

My Canon Rebel arrived today! My dad's 35mm Minolta camera he gave to me also arrived today! What a fantastic day!

My dad sent this note along with the Minolta.

He also sent me this photo. He's the captain at the Point Township Fire Company in my hometown of Northumberland, PA! I have fantastic parents!

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One thought on “Seattle and camera day!

  1. Sounds (and looks) like a fun day! I want your dentist by the way.

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