I finally have a real weekend!

I’ve had to work the past few weekends because spring sports are in full swing.  I do like the overtime cash money, but I also like having my weekends!  I actually have two full days off this weekend.  Yes indeed!

I cuddled with June-Cat.  She was so sleepy tonight!

I tried a new recipe tonight for tofu scramble from Post Punk Kitchen.  It was mostly ok, but I think there was a little too much nutritional yeast in the recipe.  I added white mushrooms, red bell peppers, kale and avocados!  Avocados are unbelievably good!!

I also discovered an adorable blog today!  Pocketful of Pretty posts adorable photos, wonderful DIY projects, and I’m think she’s a vegetarian.  Adorableness abounds!  I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

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One thought on “I finally have a real weekend!

  1. dontforgettomarktheway

    Too much nutritional yeast? I didn’t know it could happen. I might try it 🙂 My skin is turning yellow though…
    Happy real weekend! Sorry I had to work last time you guys asked us out.

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