Sun in the city.

I tried a recipe for raw "energy" balls tonight. Here are some ground up oats, walnuts and almonds. The gal who posted the recipe was very insistent upon using raw oat flakes...or else it wouldn't be raw. She then went on to add chocolate chips. Those aren't raw. You can't have it both ways lady!


Raw balls.


I chop up some coconut flakes to roll the raw balls in.


Oh good!



These are ok. I don't approve of the amount of sugary substance she used in the recipe. If they're supposed to be healthy, dumping loads on sugar in them doesn't seem like the thing to do!


June-cat was feisty today.


We ventured down to Seattle this afternoon for some food and sun.


Corn chowder!


Eric's noms.


My noms!


We stopped by a vintage store in Fremont. I found this guy! I've seen these turtle lamps before and have yet to buy one. The few I've seen have orange/brown shells. This one is awesome! It wasn't for sale though.


This creepy thing was outside the vintage shop though.


More food! Fainting Goat gelato in Wallingford.



Nomski and check-inski.


It was sunny today so I tested my Polaroid camera again. Juniper and Eric shared a sweet moment in the front yard.


Food! I think I have the camera figured out. And I think I'm *this* close to buying the Canon Rebel I've been lusting after.



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2 thoughts on “Sun in the city.

  1. Those energy balls look great. I’m also jealous that you guys still have “hat and long sleeve” weather. It is basically already summer here and I loathe it. Also… Vegan gelato?? I really need to move out west. PS I did end up getting that canon dslr (t2I) you will totally love it if you get it. I used it for the pics in my last two posts. I got the kit lens that came with it, though I read bad things about the kit lens, I have been really imressed with it so far. I’m saving up money for a prime lens. Since I got the camera it has been like an extension of my arm. I don’t think you will regret getting one especially if you have a point and shoot right now.

    • Here’s the recipe I used for the energy balls!… I used brown rice syrup instead of the agave and they turned out just fine as well.

      It was super sunny all day today, but you still do need a jacket. I’m actually wanting some hot weather right now! I’m too white and pasty!

      Yes vegan gelato! There’s also a store here called Full Tilt (It used to be called Pretty Kitty and I still call it Pretty Kitty.) that serves vegan ice cream. Last summer when I was there they served vegan Thai iced tea and coconut flavors. SOO good! You should visit again! Seattle is very vegan friendly.

      I think I’m also going to buy that camera tonight! I (Eric) did a little research and you can buy adapters for the Canon so you can use other lenses from other camera brands! You can even use lenses for some 35mm cameras. My dad is sending me his old Minolta 35mm with lenses and I think I’m going to try those on the Canon. Such geeky fun!!

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