Happy 1st Birthday Juniper Pürrito!

Juniper turned one year old today! She had a party hat for the occasion. Every girl needs a fine hat for her Birthday.

June didn't really appreciate the hat though.

She was less than amused. That was to be expected.

The hat is now hers to play with and destroy.

Juniper also had homemade VEGAN kitty treats! June is vegan along with us. She eats Evolution cat food and is one happy and healthy kitten. She LOVED these treats! I'll do a separate post including the recipe for these soon!

She came at me to get more treats!

This was part of the kitten treat makin' process.

There are different types of flours in the treats along with molasses, wheat germ, soy milk powder and a few other ingredients.

I made some baked goods for Eric and myself as well! My recipe called for fancy (and OMG expensive) almond oil.

I made vegan cinnamon pull-apart rolls.

Cinnamon roll filling!

This was a messy process.

These are AMAZING! I made a simple icing for the rolls as well.

Look at that fluffy goodness! This might be the best baked good I've ever made.


And nom! Vegan fun for this house today!

Here’s the awesome recipe I used for the cinnamon pull-apart rolls!

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7 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday Juniper Pürrito!

  1. Holy crap those were amazing!

  2. Happy birthday Juniper! The cinnamon rolls look amazing. Also, I love the record display…looks like you live in a music store. How cool is that.

  3. Jagannatha.

    :O vegan cats rules!! yum yum i want to make this recipe now!! .. or.. maybe i have to wait for some of my cats-birthday?

  4. That is a lot of vegan awesomeness! So happy to hear that Juniper Purrito is vegan too!!! Our Sprinkles is a vegan feline as well. She used to eat Evolution kibble but switched to Ami after her first bite. Now she will not eat Evolution. Thanks for sharing your day in pictures.

  5. Ryan beggar

    Those look awesome. Send j the recipe! I know I couldn’t make them

  6. Hanna A

    Hey Sarah, did you ever post the recipe for the cat treats? I’ve been looking for a kitty treat recipe and I bet my cat would love these!


    • I haven’t actually been able to perfect these. They got really hard even if I didn’t bake them nearly as long as I should have. They got stuck on the roof of Juniper’s mouth…wedged between her teeth. We had to do some kitten treat rescues!

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