Not so sunny Seattle on a Friday.

It was a stereotypical rainy day in Seattle. We went to visit the Space Needle though. Even if it is raining it's still fun to see! I took a few more test photos with my Polaroid camera.


There are still a few kinks to work out, but here are my shots from today!


After visiting with the Space Needle we went to Bamboo Gardens for some vegan Chinese foods! Those are crispy pot stickers. Delightful!


I ate some spicy Udon noodles in Szechwan sauce.


Eric tried the thin lo mein noodles. Both were fantastic. Bamboo Garden can do no wrong.


I found this at a record store tonight. I had the urge to purchase this since I'm a Pennsylvania...but alas I'm stingy.


I did pick up this Andrew Bird 7" though. The B side is a Handsome Family cover. I love the Handsome Family so that's the only reason I bought this. It really doesn't compare to the original...but good try Bird.


I've seen the Handsome Family play twice at the Tractor in Seattle. They are two lovely folks! I have a few print from Rennie, the gal in the band, as well.


I bought some chocolate tonight! Eric like the chocolate with the crispies in it. He bought me dinner tonight so I bought him chocolate. I wanted to try the Nirvana bar on the right. OMG awesome! If you let it melt in your mouth you can really taste the hard caramel pieces and the little specks of sea salt. It was a fabulous purchase!

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