Busy, dumb and thrifty finds!

Spring sports are here!  That mean we’re insanely busy at work.  The salesmen literally throw the orders into the print shop.  They open the door and launch a box in the shop while they stand in the doorway.  I’ve threatened to make the print shop door into a Dutch door.  I would lock the top half of the Dutch door though so they have an awesome surprise when they come running towards the door.  People also get really cranky there when it’s busy.  Calm down!

My mouth continues to give me issues.  Now my tongue feels like I burned it…but I didn’t.  My naturopath has me taking some intense vitamin B pills now and next week I get to start B-12 injections again.  I had about a dozen rounds of them last year and I felt fantastic while I was on them, but I hope this mouth crap ends soon.  I’m still mostly eating soups and soft vegetables.  I did eat a peanut butter sammich yesterday and today though!  And crystallized ginger.  That stuff is goooooood!

This quote pretty much describes the kind of day I had…”You are so dumb.  You are really dumb.  For real!

Eric and I went to the vitamin store tonight and then to the thrift store.  How exciting!  I found some old postcards at the thrift store…nothing super exciting, but there was a very disturbing postcard of people roping and pulling sea turtles out of the ocean in Florida so they could eat them.  Holy crap.  I threw that one out.  I did find this fun fabric!  I’ve been wanting to make some curtains for my office and this is rather Smartzie!  





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