Talking about The Walking Dead.

Did you know that Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick on “The Walking Dead,” is British?  I heard his accent last night for the first time.  He nails the southern accent though.

Andrew Lincoln would make a good cowboy. Get some chaps on him! Yee-haw.

Do you watch “The Walking Dead?”  Who is your favorite character?  I’m a fan of Norman Reedus’ character, Darryl.  He plays such a gritty guy.  I like his rough and tough demeanor.

I think you have a heart of gold under that tough skin.

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2 thoughts on “Talking about The Walking Dead.

  1. I LOVE the Walking Dead. I have two episodes to catch up on. I didn’t know that Andrew Lincoln was British. I’ve noticed that his “Southern” accent is a little, um, off though. And I am totally with you on the character Darryl. He is my favorite and I think he’s a good guy that puts on a tough exterior. I camethisclose to trying out to be a zombie extra in that show b/c they film in and around Atlanta, but you know, my real job got in the way…c’est la vie! I’m also reading the Walking Dead comic book on which the show is based. It’s also good, but very different.

    • I guess he really doesn’t do the Southern accent as much as other folks on the show. The American accent all in all is great! I was thinking about reading the comic books. It’s interesting that it’s different than the show!

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