Driving on 9.

Yesterday Eric and I spent most of the day driving on Washington State Route 9.  The snow followed us off and on throughout the day, but the fun stayed the entire day!

Pancakes with maple syrup were had before hittin' the road.

I'm blindingly white! And we are cute!

See that little kitty in the window? I hate leaving that little face at the door. Also note the weird paint bubble that has been on the front door since we moved in.

Our mascot!

We saw a boxcar and an engine in Sedro-Wooley, WA. Eric is a train fan.

Information Station.

Eric inspected the front of the engine.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! We had some lovely blue skies and sun as well!

Herc and logs.

It was fun to see the fresh snow in the mountains!

I'm not a fan of snow, but it always is pretty to see it in the mountains while traveling.

The Ranchette near Lake Whatcom.

Also along Lake Whatcom. These tracks are no longer in use, but what a beautiful ride it would be!

This was near Lake Whatcom, but I'm not quite sure what this guy would be. Eric thinks it was a service station.

We made it to the Canadian border! This is rather fun...my car is in the United States and the road on the right is in Canada!

Here's a survey marker establishing the border.

This is a close-up of the same marker.

Eric jumped the border! It was windy so he must not have heard me yelling "BRING BACK HEALTH CARE!!" Maybe next time.

Them Canadians have mighty funny signs.

We weren't allowed in the duty-free shops unless we were going to cross the border. I just wanted booze and cigs.

We continued driving west and saw this sign.

We were driving to the town of Blaine, WA and we found ourselves in the middle of a snow squall.

We made it to another border crossing! This is in Blaine, WA and that giant white thing in the middle is the Peace Arch.

This is what Roadside America has to say about the arch…”The Peace Arch stands astride the international boundary between Blaine, Washington and Douglas, British Columbia. The Arch was constructed to commemorate the centennial (1814-1914) of the signing of the Treaty of Ghent on December 24, 1814. The Treaty of Ghent ended the war of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain, a conflict that involved Americans, as well as Canadians and British…”

The blue sky came back for our walk up to the Peace Arch. This is looking north.

On the interior of the west side of the Arch.

And this is the interior of the east side of the Arch.

This is looking south at the Arch.

I guess we were technically in Canada since they welcomed us back?

We had a fun little day on 9 and I hope you did too!

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4 thoughts on “Driving on 9.

  1. Love the Canadian sign! Great photos!

  2. Golly, you guys are cute! Also, “booze and cigs” heh.

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