The sick sickness.

I went to the doctor today.  I will keep the gorey details to myself but I have a week immune system and my body if fighting off a gross infection.  Why can’t I just be normal and get a cold or the flu?

I went to my naturopath…also know as the hippy doctor.  She checked my vitals and then got on with her hippy ways and laid me on a table and pressed on my feet.  And then on my head…then feet…then chest…then feet…then stomach…then feet.  She has a very intricate system to determine where the illness is coming from.  She is rather relaxing though.  I was laying on a table with an electric blanket on it, a cushy mattress and a memory foam pillow.  She knows how to treat a lady!

I’m always so relaxed when I go to see her.  And when I go to see my dentist.  I fall asleep in the chair at the dentist.

All gorey details aside…I’m still feeling crappy.  But I think (hope) I’m on the road to recovery!



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2 thoughts on “The sick sickness.

  1. 😦 Hope you feel better. Your hippy doctor sounds nice.

    • I am feeling much better today, thanks!

      Going to a naturopath is interesting. I feel if I had gone to a regular doctor they would have just given me some pills and sent me out the door. My doctor goes over my diet and lifestyle with me to see if she can pinpoint what cause the infection. I feel like she actually treats my body rather than just doping me.

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