Making the best out of a grey day- Whidbey Island- 02/13/2012

We started our day by waiting for the Mukilteo Ferry to take us to Whidbey Island. There're actually a functioning lighthouse at the Mukilteo Ferry as well!

My little red car is very used to travelling on the ferry.

Our first stop on the island was Possession Point Park.

Obligatory boot shot.

We stopped by a beach near Useless Bay. The bay was fairly useless since most of the beach was private.

I found a little shell to send to my penpal in Finland!

I saw this big 'ol chicken in Langley, WA. Notice his little crocheted leg warmers? Too cute!

We found a natural food store in Langley that also had a little cafe inside. They sold vegan, gluten-free and raw food! Eric and I had a fantastic tofu wrap and I had some chai tea!

This is Fort Casey. We explored this area a little bit the last time we were here. This time we were armed with flashlights!

There are many hallways, rooms and ladders to explore at the fort.

There are many years of paint, rust and water staining the walls of the fort.

Fort Casey also has a lighthouse!

The beach near Fort Casey is beautiful!! Too bad most of that is private as well.

There's a cemetery near Ebey's Landing that we stopped at the last time we were on the island. We came by again because the graves are always elaborately decorated. This tombstone said that this gal died on her birthday. I did some investigating and found out that she was sadly killed while riding her bike in West Virginia. She was only 24 years old but she had had traveled through Europe, backpacked in the Himalayas, traveled to New Zealand and biked through Australia. That made me rather sad.

Here's our travel mascot!

This was in Oak Harbor!

There's also a park in Oak Harbor called Flintstone Park. And of course there was a replica of the Flintstone car!

Deception Pass was probably the most beautiful part of the trip!

Here's the Deception Pass bridge! It's rather gorgeous. And look at the color of that water!

I found this little guy at a thrift store in Langley. A squirrel stamp for $.050!? What a great day!

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One thought on “Making the best out of a grey day- Whidbey Island- 02/13/2012

  1. Many great memories visiting whidbey island, great post.

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