Thrift store finds!

I usually don’t find too much when I go to thrift stores.  Tonight I came home with a haul!!


I found this fun Duran Duran hat! I couldn't say no to it!


I ❤ Duran Duran!


I found some hefty wooden hangers. These can be rather pricey if you buy them new.


I've been looking for a snappy wallet and I found one tonight!


And finally I found this shirt with obnoxious colors. I like obnoxious colors as you can tell from the scarf hanging in the background.


There was also a JWOWW look-a-like in the store who was yelling “GIVE ME BACK MY PANTS!!” in the store.  Everett is sometimes entertaining.

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2 thoughts on “Thrift store finds!

  1. That’s a great shirt. I too enjoy obnoxious colors.

  2. Lol that Duran Duran visor is amazing. My gf loves the wallet too

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