My first attempt at making kale chips!

I wanted to try this fun recipe for kale chips today!!  Here’s what happened…

The recipe was pretty simple with only a few ingredients. I had to soak the cashews for two hours.


I used red kale, green bell pepper, lemon juice, salt and nutritional yeast!


I laid the kale on a clean towel to dry it before coating them in the fun mixture.


I blended all of the ingredients together (minus the kale). I added a few drops of water as well because my little blender couldn't handle this mixture.


Then I poured the mixture over the kale and mixed it by hand.


Here's the kale before putting it in the oven.


And now I have kale chips!!


Look at all of that cashewy and nutritional yeasty goodness!! I approve of these! The baked kale tastes like broccoli and asparagus had a baby! A delicious baby indeed!



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