I kind of had a snow day.

I braved the elements this morning and went to work for a few hours. As soon as I got to work it started to snow again. I printed about 60 shirts and then decided it would be best for me to head home. I didn't really want to spend the day stuck at work.


There were only three of us at work for a few hours this morning. We fear no snow!!


The roads aren't plowed around here when it snows.


Someone was hiding behind the bird feeder today.



I was happy to watch the snow fall today while drinking tea and reading a book about the FLDS.


Here's a fun story for you!! I had a penpal from Russia. This is a postcard she sent to me a few months ago. She's an architect and drawing professor in Russia. This is actually one of her sketches. She had postcards made of the image and sells them in stores near where she lives. I trade postcards via Postcrossing with people all over the world. Today I received a postcard in the mail from another gal in Russia. She sent me this postcard! How fun is that? I was super excited to see that my penpal's postcard is making its way all over the world!

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