Snow snow snow!!!…and kombucha!

It snowed today! And while I didn't have a snow day I did spend quite a bit of the day looking out the window between orders at work. Oh, and there's a bail bond company on basically every corner in Everett.


While driving home I made Eric take some pictures for me so I could blog about it! We hardly get snow in the Seattle/Everett area so it's kind of exciting (and scary...people here don't know how to drive in the snow and after living in Pennsylvania for most of my life....I do.) when it does snow. Even if it doesn't look like much right now.


A lovely old hotel in Everett.



I wore my boots today so I would be prepared for the blizzard!



Yay snow!


Juniper wanted to know what I was doing out there. Let me show you little kitten...


I took Juniper outside again to show her the deep snow.


Apparently I was skeptical of the kitten.


She was funny! I stuck her back legs in the snow and she kept backing up trying to get away from it. I only left her do this for a few seconds and then I cuddled her and took her back inside.


My batch of homebrew kombucha was finished today!


Or as I call it...Smartzbucha. My nickname is Smartz.


Look at all of that kombucha! I save so much money making my own. It costs about $3.50 per bottle to buy it at the store. I might cost a dollar...if that to make my own at home!



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2 thoughts on “Snow snow snow!!!…and kombucha!

  1. Sarah, do you brew with tea??

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