Sunday fun food!

This morning I made a fabulous banana, blueberry, mango and chocolate Vega smoothie. I also decided today would be the day to make those cupcakes.


Chocolate cake and peanut butter icing! 100% vegan and 100% OMG!!


Today I also decided to try making those baked spring rolls that I made a few weeks ago. This time I used rice wrappers.


There's still not something right with the spring rolls. The rice wrappers started to crisp, but were still very very soggy. I need to do a little more research on this. The inside goodness of the spring rolls are perfect I would say...but I need to work on the wrappers.


And now I’ll get on my high horse.  The past few weeks on Facebook I’ve seen my friends posting photos of abused and horrendously tortured animals.  They then go on to complain about how the people who commit these acts of violence against animals need to have the same thing done to them.  Now here we go…I’m going to be THAT vegan.  If you eat meat you too are participating in horrendous acts of violence against animals.  Do your research!  Factory farms are horrible places and “humane” ways of killing animals for food is still horrible.  There’s nothing humane about killing someone else.  And if you want to talk about animals kept for egg laying and milking…they’re still tortured too.  Ain’t no better ya’ll.

Go vegan!

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