I have a problem.

I watch way too many videos online that make me cry.  I used to just cry while watching videos online when I was super hormonal, but now it seems to happen any time of the month.

Soldiers coming home from war and surprising their children at school?  TEARS!

The blind baby kitten playing with his toys?  Holy God I’m happy for him, but I still cry!  I think  it’s more tears of joy that someone adopted the blind kitten and is taking care of him.

That commercial for the ASPCA with the Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background?  Change the channel I can’t take it!

Today while I was paying for something on Ebay I noticed that there was a “Donate Now” button.  You could donate to the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.  Well I had to see what it was.  Tears followed.  This is the website I found.  You can sponsor a blind kitten!  And the names in the yellow boxes are kitten who have one or less sponsors.  That makes me sad.  I do believe I will be sponsoring a kitten.  I spotted Cassie right away.  She reminds me of my kitten, Juniper.  I might just be adopting a long distance kitten here very soon.

I’m trying to hold it together tonight and not cry over kittens!  But sometimes I feel like this kid.

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