Baked spring rolls!

I tried a new recipe tonight for baked spring rolls!  I found the recipe a few weeks ago on A Tablespoon of Liz.  But before we get to the spring rolls…look at my cute new shoes!




And this.

Gojira and Juniper!


I found these at the Asian market near the co-op. These are wheat wrappers, not rice wrappers. The wheat flavor was very noticeable. Next time I WILL use rice wrappers.


I fried up some thin pieces of tofu to put inside the spring rolls.


And then I sauteed the cabbage and carrot mixture to go inside the wrapper.


I sauteed the mixture with some spices and tamari.


Cabbage, carrots and tofu!


Finished spring rolls ready to bake!


The spring rolls were successful!...for the most part. Next time I will not sautee the veggies for as long as I did. They were a little too well done. And I will use rice wrappers. I also need better Duck sauce. <------totally vegan by the way!!




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2 thoughts on “Baked spring rolls!

  1. A Tablespoon of Liz

    Yum!! These look so good, I love how you added tofu! I’m definitly going to have to try adding that next time I make them!

  2. The tofu was a great addition! Thanks for posting that fantastic recipe!

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