Grand purchases and acquisitions of 2011!

While 2011 may see its way out the door I did have some fantastic moments this year.  I made a few large and fun purchases…and adoptions.

Here are a few of the fun things that found their way into my life this year!

1.  Cherry Bomb

My trusty Chevy Cavalier finally died at the beginning of this year.  She died just a few miles after hitting 100,000 miles.  I knew that something bad would happen to her as soon as it rolled over.  She just wouldn’t start one day.  A few summers ago she was totaled due to a very large cargo van that collided with her while she was parked in the driveway.  I decided it wasn’t worth putting more money into the car to fix it.

After a speedy search on Craigslist I found a shiny red Toyota Yaris for sale at a local Toyota dealer.  A friend dropped me off at the dealership and a kind salesman named Russell Pyle, and a southern gentleman, went for a test drive with me.  I was alone at the dealership and had to make a very important and very quick decision.  The car had low mileage, great gas mileage and a super warranty.  There was someone else eyeing up the car.  Apparently they test drove it earlier that day.  Russell told me that they wanted to buy the car if I wasn’t going to.  I needed a car sooner than later, so I told Russell that she would be mine!

I named her Cherry Bomb and about a month after purchasing her we broke her in with a quick jaunt to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Quick from Seattle to SLC isn’t SUPER quick by the way.  She loved driving on old railroad beds in the desert.  A line from an Erasure song sticks in my head whenever I think of driving her in the desert…”Racing ‘cross the desert at a hundred miles and hour.”

Cherry Bomb!

Racing 'cross the desert.

2.  The Diva Cup

This horribly named product is one that I would recommend to anyone!  The Diva Cup is an alternative to standard methods of protection during a female’s monthly cycle.  I won’t talk to you too much about my vagina and such things but here’s a link to the Diva Cup’s website if you’re interested in finding out more about how this product works.  The cup does cost about $40 BUT it’s reusable.   I bet I was spending about $15 a month on other feminine products so it has saved me quite a bit of precious cash.  AND it’s the best method of protection of found for dealing with “The Curse.”  Just stick it in and forget about it.  That’s enough about vagina purchases though.

That's what she looks like!

3.  Silpat!

My mom and dad purchased a Silpat for me while visiting me this summer.  The Silpat is basically  reusable non-stick parchment paper.  It’s a flexible sheet that I put on top of a baking sheet to bake cookies and other such fun things.  Cookies just slide right off of the Silpat!  I’ve also put warm chocolate covered pretzels on the sheet and they peel right off.  All you have to do is wash off the Silpat with some hot water and a little soap and it’s good to go.  The Silpat did cost about $20, but I haven’t had to buy or use parchment paper since acquiring this in August.  You need one of these!  Thank me later!

4.  Bikes!

I decided this summer that I needed a bike.  My friend Ashley was moving from Portland, OR to St. Augustine, FL.  I purchased a Giant Rincon from her.  I’m very happy with that purchase!  I want to ride it to work, but I’m a bad Seattleite and I hate riding in the cold and/or rain.  Don’t judge me!  I plan on riding her to work in a few months after it warms up just a little bit.  I named this bike AT-AT.  I also saw a vintage Huffy bike on Craigslist that I purchased soon after taking in AT-AT.  This is a project bike.  I had to put new tires on it, clean the thing front wheel to rear wheel.  She had been neglected and had tons of dirt caked on her and some rust.  Not too much rust though.  I need to put a new thumb shifter on the bike and apparently those are hard to find?  The local bike shop is having a hard time finding one sooooo I think I need to look for other options in that department.

I received new light for AT-AT for Christmas! I installed them last night. I also have a bell and a mirror to see when a car is coming up behind me and not going to see me. Paranoid? Noooo....I don't trust drivers around here. No one stops at stop signs. A local tells me..."Stop signs are bullshit." Ok...I'll be the geeky biker with a bell and mirror. That's fine. I'd rather not die on my bike.

5.  A pillow!

I purchased a pillow from my chiropractor.  I have a very stiff neck and upper back due to the kind of work I perform.  He suggested this pillow to me.  The pillow looks like a normal pillow, but upon closer inspection and you see some fun differences.  The pillow has a soft center for your head to squish down into and it has firm edges to support your neck.  This allows your head to be in a more natural position while sleeping and it has improved my posture and reduced the stiffness in my neck greatly!

But it looks like a normal pillow...

See the difference?

6. Juniper Pürrito!

I adopted this little lady in June!  She is probably the best thing to happen to me this year!  I’ve been wanting a cat for many years and I finally adopted one.  She was 9 weeks old when I brought her home.  She was surrendered to a local cat shelter while she was still very tiny along with some brothers, sisters and mama cat.  Now she’s almost 9 months old!  She is one spoiled girl.  The first two nights with us we had her sleep in the room with her litter box so she would get used to where it was.  Every night since then she has slept in the bed…under the covers with us.  One the weekends when Eric gets out of bed she will run along with him for a few minutes to see what he’s doing.  Then she comes back to bed with me and will sleep for a few more hours in the crook of my arm.  I love her so much!…Even when she does paw in my hair and make nothing but knots out of it!

Baby Juniper!

Juniper learns the joys of sleeping in the sun!

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