Bye bye 2011!

Well…BYE 2011!  I’m super happy to see this year end.  I actually had a fairly bad year.  You may not have known that because I’ve tried to keep the badness of my life off of my blog.  Some badness that was happening in my life in 2010 spilled over into 2011.    The end of 2011 was leaps and bounds better than the beginning of the year though.  That has to count for something right?

The short story of my wretched year…

A dragon tried to storm the castle.  The village was in danger of being burned to the ground.  The knight in the kingdom didn’t know how to defeat such a beast and wanted to let the it reign terror upon the village.  The lady of the castle took matters into her own hands.   She fought the beast and banished it from her kingdom.

Those are the basics of the story.  Vitamins C and D are helping as well.  I have lost two dress sizes during this hellish year.   2011…may you burn in a fiery pit.  I am excited for 2012 though!  I have a baby kitten to love and bikes to ride!

I have one adorable kitten.

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