Postcard fun!

I’ve been trying to organize my growing postcard collection.  I’ve scanned and uploaded many of them to my Flickr account.  You can find them here!

I’ve separated the postcard into the following categories…jackalopes, squirrels, chipmunks, map postcards, and just postcard collection.  Postcard collection is just a mix of all of my vintage postcards.

Here are just a few of my favorites!

Eric gave me this one for Christmas. This is a place that we visited on Route 6 in Pennsylvania.


This one shows a diving horse the from diving horse days in Atlantic City. Dangerous for both horse and rider this always fascinated me as a child.


This one sadly has tape residue on the top of it, but I just had to have it! It's a couple sitting in the water at Asbury Park, New Jersey. Eric and I also traveled here quite often while living on the east coast. Our first day trip together was actually to Asbury Park! We snuck in the old boarded up casino by the ocean with some twelve year olds.


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One thought on “Postcard fun!

  1. Melissa

    I got to see the horse diving at the Steel Pier. Amazing! Very small pool that it dove into.

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