Christmas is coming…the coffee cake is done!

We started decorating for Christmas today. We basically have this garland that I made, mistletoe and a Christmas tree.




She likes the tree skirt!


I botched the black bean brownies I made the other night. I left them in the oven a little too long. So tonight I made some vegan coffee cake.


Topping and batter.




I managed to get some oil on my Seattle rain shirt. Not thrilled. When will I learn to wear an apron!?


While the coffee cake was baking I worked on my Christmas cards.


Juniper kept me company while I worked.


Christmas cards!


The coffee cake is done!


I love baking! Someone buy me a storefront. I promise you'll have free baked goods for life!!

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4 thoughts on “Christmas is coming…the coffee cake is done!

  1. Kristen Maier

    Does your cat leave the tree alone? I haven’t had a tree in about 10 years because the cats want to play in it. How do you keep your kittie from breaking and ruining everything?

    • I left the tree set up without decorations on it for a few hours today. This is her first time seeing a Christmas tree and she actually left it alone! So tonight we decorated it with a few ornaments and some lights. I don’t think she’ll really bother it…if she does anything to eat she’ll chew through the light cords. She’s a cord chewer. She’s destroyed about 6 pairs of headphones, my phone charger and a cord to my printer!

  2. Your coffee cake looks amazing! The best part is definitely the crumbles! Yum!

    • Thank you! The crumbles were a little hard. I was hoping they would be more like the crumbles on blueberry crumb cake. It’s a work in progress 🙂

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