Black Friday, records, and bike gear woes.

I started my rainy day waiting for Eric in the car.


I took photos of myself while waiting. We headed down to Seattle today for Black Friday Record Store Day! Special releases and limited edition vinyl were on the menu.


I came home with some Tom Petty.


And some Silversun Pickups!


After record storing we went to have breakfast at Wayward Vegan Cafe.


Eric had Sun's Over Seattle...


And I had biscuits with seitan!


I wanted to look for some stamps at the rubber stamp store in the U-District. This required going to the U-Village shopping center on Black Friday. Surprisingly enough I found a parking spot right away and the store wasn't busy at all. I did see this adorable sign for a crepe and ice cream shop!


Stamping supplies! Christmas card will be born soon!


We picked up some supplies at Sidecar while in Seattle...tofu and dillos!


Protect yer head! I went for a bike ride after the Seattle visit today. I'm having some issues with my gears. If anyone who knows anything about bike gears would like to help me that would be greatly appreciated. I have a feeling that I just don't know when to properly change my gears yet. I have gears 1-3 on the left handlebar and 1-7 on the right. Sometimes 1-7 decides to change gears on its own which is very not ok and comforting and it throws my foot off the pedal. I also learned today that you need to put the bike in a lower gear when stopping at a stop sign. Who knew? I've never had to deal with gears so this is all basically new to me. Again.......any advice you have would be fantastic!


"You ain't a beauty but, hey, you're alright."

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