Spare the bird!

Turkeys all across America will be thanking you tomorrow if you have a meat-free Thanksgiving!  *gobble gobble gobble*  That means thank you in turkey talk.  This year I will be making a Tofurky, maple roasted brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes with gravy.  Eric doesn’t like brussel sprouts or mashed potatoes so those are all for me!

This is the feast I made last year for Thanksgiving..  Maple roasted brussel sprouts, corn bread, string bean casserole, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with gravy AND Tofurky!

I’m going to make things simpler for myself this year and not make so many dishes.  Go me!

I live in Seattle, Washington but I’m from Northumberland, Pennsylvania as you may know.  Once in a while I will read the local newspaper from Northumberland.  I saw today that there were posts by kindergarten students telling the readers how they make their Thanksgiving turkey.  I skimmed the posts and was semi-horrified by what some of the children said…”Daddy goes into the woods and shoots a turkey in the face because it’s looking the other way.”  Holy crap kid!  Is it nice to teach kids to shoot things in the face?  No no!

I did find TWO posts from kids who wanted to be meat-free…

“My family celebrates Thanksgiving with corn.  We do not have a real turkey because we don’t like real turkey.  We do not have anything else except for corn.  My Mom makes the best corn.  She goes out to the garden and gets the corn.  My Gramps picks the corn for her because she won’t wear gloves.  She grabs it from him.  She does not run because she is too old.  She takes the corn inside and puts it in a hot pan.  She takes the corn wrappers off.  Cook the corn for 10 minutes.  Whenever it is done in the pan, she puts it on the grill.  When the corn turns yellow, put it on a plate.  We always have pizza with the corn.”

“We celebrate Thanksgiving by eating macaroni and cheese.  My family likes turkey, but I don’t.  They taste like they are alive.  If I had to cook the turkey, I would feel like I had to go to the bathroom and throw up because it smells disgusting.  When I grow up, I will not make turkey for my family.  I will just make macaroni and cheese (broccoli too).  I will tell you how to make it.  Put cheese in a pan.  Cook it for one day at Thanksgiving.  Go to Wal-Mart and buy the macaroni.  Put the macaroni in a bowl.  Pour the cheese on top.”

Happy early Thanksgiving!  I’ll post photos of my meat-free feast tomorrow!

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