Five things to tell you about my day.

1.  I purchased some custom decals from Kelly Creation Decals on Etsy today.  I wanted to have some decals made for my bike and this lovely gal is willing to do it.  I must add that these will be bright yellow decals!  I named my bike AT-AT.  I started calling it AT-AT because I bought it from my friend Ashley Taylor (AT).  Somehow it evolved into AT-AT.  So maybe it’s a Star Wars reference or a reference to my friend Ashley Taylor Ashley Taylor.  You decide!


2.  I saw this video today and I knew I had to watch it but I also knew I would be bawling.  And yep.  About three seconds into it I was crying.  I know myself and I know I shouldn’t watch things like this!  But I always do.  I’m super happy that Oskar the kitten will still have an enjoyable life even though he’s blind, but holy crap…I cried!

3.  I think young Bruce Springsteen belongs on my list of celebrity crushes.

4.  Today our tickets to see Roger Waters performing The Wall arrived!  We saw him about a year ago in Tacoma, WA and he’s bringing The Wall back to the Northwest!  He’ll be performing at Key Arena in downtown Seattle.  I’m excited!  One of my favorite parts of the show last year was when they had a spotlight on a sign language interpreter on the side of the stage.  Roger Waters walked over to her and started singing to the folks she was signing to.  That is just fun!   Watch this if you have time!

5.  Today I purchased bubble lights for our Christmas tree this year. Juniper inspected them to make sure they were bubbly enough. I think they passed inspection.

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