Meh to you too weekend!

This weekend has been very meh.  I’m already looking forward to having Thursday off.  And a half day on Friday.  And the weekend off.  The weekend wasn’t all meh though!  I did go to a Birthday party today for the lovely Katie. D.  That reminded me how socially awkward I am.  I wish I knew more people around here.  I tried to meet new people, vegans specifically, but that ended in a fiery ball of flames.   I did make some sunflower butter rice crispy treats for the party though!  I think I missed all allergies with the recipe I used.  Go me!

I have been researching what I want and need for my summer bike trips I’m planning!  I found a few new accessories I’d like to get for the bike.  My favorite color is obnoxious yellow.  I want to get yellow pedals, yellow grips and a yellow saddle.  I’m sure I can find other things I can upgrade to yellow as well.  I have a mint green  Giant Rincon.  I’m betting obnoxious yellow will be just fine!

But for now I’ll just be here at home drinking my fancy water.

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