Bamboo Garden and the first snow of the season!

Today after work Eric and I went to Bamboo Garden in Seattle for some vegan Chinese goodness!


I had some corn chowder. I always thought it was weird that Bamboo Garden served corn chowder but I allow it because it's the best soup I've ever had!


We ordered some pot stickers. They came with duck sauce and some super super spicy mustard.


Pot stickers!


Herc approves of pot stickers.


My food! It is Shanghai style rice pasta. The round things are thick rice noodles. It's my new favorite dish at Bamboo Garden!


They serve fancy carrots here. There's a butterfly and a shrimp!


Eric had a sizzling plate. That made him rather excited!


Sizzle sizzle!!


After we ate we stopped by the record store and then went to visit the Space Needle!


Next year the Space Needle will be 50 years old! It would be awesome if they would paint the Needle orange like the original color. I bet they won't though.


It was actually snowing on the way home! Gross. I'm not ready for winter.

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2 thoughts on “Bamboo Garden and the first snow of the season!

  1. Ryan beggar

    Hey! 50 years of the needle! 50 years of century 21 calling! A perfect excuse to visit Seattle!

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