Juniper DOES want a soy curl!

Juniper Purrito loves soy curls!  I’ve given her one everyday for the past three days.  Today when I asked her if she wanted a soy curl she freaked out!  I do believe she knows what “soy curl” means.  Smart kitten!  Here’s a video of her we took tonight of her begging for a little soy curl.  I sprinkle a little nutritional yeast on the soy curl before I give them to her.  Excuse my plaid pajama pants!

Also…the weird noise you hear at 0:55 is Juniper burping.

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2 thoughts on “Juniper DOES want a soy curl!

  1. Tim

    She’s not saying “Yes! I would like one very much.” She’s saying “Holy friggin crap! Just give me one or I’ll claw your eyes out in your sleep!” Krista does this to our stupid cat all the time with treats and look how she turned out.

  2. I have a feeling that Spook would want to claw out eyes whether she had treats or not 🙂

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