Tippy the seagull.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today we discovered that the casualty count in the print shop is up to five.  FIVE!  Deaths so far…

*Mr. Jangles-  Mr. Jangles is the rat I named.  He would meander around the print shop after hours just doing rat things….minding his own business.  One day we found him dead.

*Rats Two, Three and Four-  One was found dead by some silk screens, another was found in the dark room and I found one behind the refrigerator.

*Tippy-  Tippy is the name I gave to the fallen seagull we discovered today.

A few months ago during the summer I would hear the seagulls on the roof of the print shop doing seagull things.  They would squawk and scream and just be noisy.  There’s an old chimney near my printing press.  The one day I heard a seagull that seemed to be sitting right on the top of the chimney.  He was squawking every once in a while and it seemed as though he was just yelling down the chimney to me.  Over the past few days a few guys have been cleaning up the backroom of the print shop.  They’re removing wood, old tools and 50 gallon barrels.  There were barrels on the other side of the chimney.  Today one of the other screen printers, Darrin, noticed there was a door on the chimney that was hidden by the barrels.  He walked over to it and opened it.  And guess what he found!  That poor little seagull I heard squawking a few months ago!  It all makes sense now.  He somehow fell down the chimney and was calling out for help from the bottom of the chimney…not the top.

I feel horrible now.  If I knew that he was stuck at the bottom of the chimney I would have saved the little guy.  I thought it was just some annoying seagull being a pest on the roof.  I even poked Tippy with a stick just to make sure he was dead.  I feel bad that he had to die scared, alone and hungry.  There was a little part of me that hoped he still had some life in him.  He had his head tucked under his wing and it looked like he was just sleeping.

He was a BIG seagull.  I’m just wondering how exactly he fell down the chimney.

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2 thoughts on “Tippy the seagull.

  1. brugg

    why didn’t the other rats get names? i feel bad for them.

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