Happy Halloween 2011!

As some of you may know for the past three years I’ve made a Halloween mixed cd to send to friends and family.  This year’s mix is titled…”The Plague Doctor!”  Super scary, no?  I decided to make the mix available for those of you who did not receive one for download.  The download link is at the bottom of the page!

I must say I was kind of disappointed with the lack of interest people seemed to have with this year’s mix.  Many people never mentioned to me that they had even received it.  I find it odd when people mention that they’d like a copy and then they don’t even acknowledge it.  I guess I’m just hoping that some of you who will download it will really appreciate it.


Front cover.


Back cover.


Here’s the track list in case you can’t read the text on the image…


1.   Roky Erickson- I Think of Demons

2.  Elf- Black Swampy Water

3. Guns ‘N’ Roses- Used To Love Her

4.  Creedence Clearwater Revival- Graveyard Train

5.  Delta Spirit- Devil Knows You’re Dead

6.  Duran Duran – Being Followed

7.  Bad Religion- Two Babies in the Dark

8.  Massive Attack- Man Next Door

9.  Richard Marx- Hazard

10.  Oingo  Boingo- Dead Man’s Party

11.  The Eagles- Witchy Woman

12.  The Handsome Family- Big Bad Wolf

13.  The Misfits- Skulls

14.  B’52’s-  Devil in My Car

15.  Dave Edmunds-  The Creature From the Black Lagoon

16.  Johnny Cash- Ain’t No Grave

17.  REM- I Walked With a Zombie

18.  Fred Schneider- Monster in My Pants


Download “The Plague Doctor” here… CLICK CLICK CLICK!!

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