Nacho Sunday!

Today we went crazy and decided to have nachos for lunch! I cut up some soy curls and let them marinate in some tomatoes and taco seasoning.

There were refried beans as well.

Daiya vegan cheese is a MUST with nachos!

Get those tortillos on a tray!

Here's the taco seasoning we use. Eric makes his own by roasting three different kinds of whole peppers...and various other spices!

Don't forget your avocado!

Now it's time to put the soy curls on the tortilla chips.

And now it's time for the beans!

Put the Daiya on top and now it's ready for the oven!

And now it's time to eat the warm gooey goodnes!!

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One thought on “Nacho Sunday!

  1. A Tablespoon of Liz

    These are making my mouth water. I love nachos, especially ones piled high with toppings!

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