October 16, 2011- Sun and fun in Central Pennsylvania!

Sunday morning I paid my grandparents a visit in Herndon, PA. I then went to visit my grandma and aunts in Sunbury, PA. My aunt Betty made me this! It's a vegetable tart in a whole wheat crust with kalamata olives baked in. Vegan and all!

She also made me a vegan blueberry and peach cobbler! Fantastic!

I'm not rubbing it in to Eric, but I had some birch beer while in Pennsylvania.

Birch beer!!

My grandma has fruit trees on the hill above her house. I walked to the top of the hill with my dad and sister. It's so pretty up there! Look how green the grass it!

This used to be the horse pasture. There are no more horses. So sad.

I found a wooly caterpillar.

Now we're at the tippy top of the hill.

Fall is my favorite time of year in PA.

The leaves are always fantastic in the fall in PA!

My sister is serious about pine cones.

I shimmied up a tree.

Look at that blue sky!

Sister and me!

Grandma Trometter is in the background. I'm holding the famous three-legged cat...Sherbert. Sherbie as we call him in an enormous three-legged cat. He was involved in a tragic accident a few years ago. Lucky for him my aunts found him and saved his life!

This dirt road that doesn't really look like a dirt road is called Witches Hollow. My aunts used to scare us by telling us that witches lived down that dirt road. When we were older we would go horseback riding down Witches Hollow. Rumor has it that some real witches do live in the valley, but not in Witches Hollow.

Witches Hollow.

Witches Hollow would be to the right of this photo. At the top of this hill are corn and soybean fields. My sister and I used to gallop and race our horses up that hill.

And this is the field at the top of the hill. This is one of my favorite places. It's beautiful.

So much blue sky!

If you keep going straight at the top of the hill you'll eventually come to this dirt road on your right. We used to ride our horses across the fields on this dirt road as well. I spent so much time at my grandparent's farm when I was a kid. We had such a great time too!

My aunt gave me some lottery tickets for my birthday. I won $5! I'll put that in my retirement fund.

That afternoon my sister and I went to Roller Mills antique barn in Lewisburg, PA. I found this awesome KISS puzzle there.

I also found these STD's. What a great deal on STD's!

Later in the evening I went for a walk with my sister. It was a chilly afternoon, but the blue sky was still around!

I also saw this friend.

That night I met up in Bloomsburg, PA with my best friend from college Becky!! She's Brugg to me. We chatted and visited a few of our old stopping grounds. We had so much fun when we lived together. I miss you Becky and West Main Apartment 3- dub!

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