Twenty six years for this old goat.

I started out my Birthday by working 8 hours and printing shirts galore! I was born at 8:15 am. My sister made sure to text me at 8:15 to wish me a proper Happy Birthday.

After work we drove down to Mighy O in Seattle for some vegan Birthday donuts. The one on the right is a pumpkin spice donut. So good!

It's my Birthday.

The trees around Greenlake were very yellow today.

I gave myself a Birthday boots! I bought these at The Chocolate Shoe Box in Greenwood. The Chocolate Shoe Box is a vegan shoe store. They also sell vegan chocolates.

I bought these at The Chocolate Shoe Box as well. They are the vegan equivalent of a Butterfinger. SO GOOD! I need to learn how to make these!

After shoe buying and record store browsing we went to Araya's in The U-District. The waitress knew what we wanted when we walked in the door. That gal has a great memory!

Red curry with brown rice.

Spring rolls!

New boots!

You can flip up that cuff and make super tall boots!

The Grouplove album was a Birthday gift. Exciting!

Play kitten play!

Here's another gift. Nifty eh?


Eric gave this to me as well. He made sure to give me a book with lots of pictures in it so I have the slightest chance of finishing it. It takes me forever to finish reading a book.

Spaz cat!

Cute and cuddly!

We had a moment.

And then she went for the eyes! Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone! I had a great day. Yay Birthday Smartz!!

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2 thoughts on “Twenty six years for this old goat.

  1. Ryan beggar

    Awesome boots! Hope you had an awesome day. I think any donut filled day is awesome… So, ipso facto you did!

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