I do like Bellingham, WA.

-Downtown Bellingham, WA. I like to go to Bellingham to visit the antique shops. It's a cute little town as well. There are two co-ops as well.

Fun mural!

Black squirrel sighting!

I used to be a crazy horse girl. Saddles still excite me.

It's a turtle lamp! His shell lights up. I was tempted to buy him.

I thought you were looking for a bouquet made out of seashells.

We found a fun house mirror at the antique shop.

I didn't buy the turtle lamp. So sad.

My dad has a black lunchbox like this!

Killer whale. I think there used to be alcohol in it. Get drunk off his face!

Glass insulators galore!

I found this in an art supply store. This is fine art spray paint. Oh go to hell!

Watch out for snakes!...I mean, salmon.

I did buy this fun clock though! It's awesome. And plaid!

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