Eric’s parents visit- Day Three of the Peninsula/Oregon trip.

Lewis and Clark monument in Seaside, OR.

Haystock rock in OR.

I'm at the beach!

I ran through the rain and the woods to get a photo of the Octopus Tree.

It was a foggy day along the Oregon coast.

We stopped by the Tillamook Air Museum.

I was testing out the plane.

She is a wow!

This is an old zepplin hangar.

Herc and Smartz.

I found this outside of the air museum.

Herc found a train.

We found the salt water taffy!

Fort Clatsop. Lewis and Clark's winter camp.

Awesome trashcan!

Cute little mushroom.

So sad! Please don't steal food from squirrels.

True story.

So sad.

I found this guy near the Goonie's house.

Rent-a-midget. Oh why not?

The Goonie's house!

We heard these guys barking in Astoria, OR.

Happy sleeping guy.

He's a big guy!

Dance dance!

I love these guys!



This guy was saying hello to us.


Bye Astoria!

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