Neon Trees and Duran Duran play in Everett!! 9/23/11

Yes, as the title says, last night Neon Trees opened for Duran Duran in Everett, WA!  It was a fantastic show!  Neon Trees was actually a pretty fun band.  It seemed as though they were having a good time on stage and they have a female drummer.  Go Neon Trees!

Every song Duran Duran played was amazing.  Good job guys!  They even got a little dancing (if you want to call it that) out of me.   We took a bunch of photos for you and I posted a few videos other people so kindly posted!

If you ever headr a Neon Trees song…this is the one you would have heard….

But this is my favorite song of theirs…

And here’s Duran Duran playing Hungry Like the Wolf from last night…

This is Girl Panic from their new album…also from last night…

This was one of my favorite songs they played from last night…

Comcast Arena in Everett, WA.

A security officer wanted to take our picture. Ok I guess...


Duran Duran has their own wifi connection.

Neon Trees.

We welcomed bad hair to the stage!

Skinny boy in tight pants.

Here comes Duran Duran!

Fun stage!

Pretty boys.


They had some fun videos playing in the background.

The little girl standing on her chair on the right side was singing along! It was super cute. By the end of the night she was curled up with her blanket and headphones.

These big 'ol faces were hanging over the stage.

Those big 'ol faces turned into the faces of the band members!

This attractive gal was fun. She had a great voice.


Tiny sax!

John Taylor. I have added him to my celebrity crush list.

Simon and John.

Oh goodness!!

Thank you for the awesome show Duran Duran!!

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