Eric’s parents visit- Day One of the Peninsula/Oregon trip.

We left work early on Friday to head to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. I was actually sitting in the backseat for the whole trip! That doesn't happen very often.

We took a ferry to the peninsula. I found this on the ferry.

But I ate this. And it actually wasn't that bad! I had pickles too!

It's a ferry!

Herc likes a good ferry.

It was a Nutter Butter kind of day. I go through phases with Nutter Butters. I like them now, but soon enough the thought of eating a Nutter Butter will make me want to vomit.

We saw this little lady in Port Gamble.

At the general store in Port Gamble they have a little museum with shells and sea things.

Nifty 'eh?

Armadillos and crabs. Together again for the first time.

A puffer fish with those googly eyes. Strange.

Chomp chomp your face!

Port Gamble, Washington.

We stopped by Fort Flagler to look for shells and to see their lighthouse.

I found some sea glass.

Hippies were here!

Ok hippies...I approve.

In Port Townsend, WA we stopped for dinner. Eric and I went to a Thai restaurant.

Table-side entertainment!

Spicy tofu with vegetables. They had surprisingly good tofu!

I would like one of these for my bike.

Fort Worden, WA. And bird poop. Lots of bird poop.

Fort Worden.

We investigated the fort.

That's Puget Sound.

That's what she said.

This is the caboose motel we stayed at a year ago in Sequim, WA. We actually stayed in the green caboose right there! The lovely owners of the motel even made us a vegan breakfast!

Even though the lavender season is pretty much over we stopped by Purple Haze lavender farm in Sequim.

There were two little girls looking at the chickens and peacocks while we were there. The one girl who was about four years old came over to me and tapped me on the back..."Excuse me, but this is where the chickens live. See their house?"

The little girls were eating apples from the nearby apple trees. I asked them how the apples were since they appeared to be green. They ran over to the tree and gave me one to try myself. I didn't try it though. It wasn't ripe!

*bock bock bock*

So pretty!

There's mama and teenage peacocks!

Bye bye green apple!

I found this in the gift shop at the lavender farm. Hand stamped and machine sewn fabric!

We did!

We're still in Sequim.

There's another lighthouse. We saw many lighthouses on this trip. Eric's mom is a fan of lighthouses.

Fun old cars parked near the beach! I'll take the yellow one please!

Heading towards the Hoh Rain forest. So green and lush!

Oh. And we stayed in Forks, WA for the night. If you don't know...Forks is the town that most of the Twilight series takes place in. Gross.

This is where we spent the night. It wasn't the best hotel I've ever stayed in but it most certainly wasn't the worst! The worst one was in Tennessee. I found a whole human toenail on the floor. It wasn't a toenail was the whole big toe toenail!! Seriously.

Just a mint? Is that all? You're worth more than that to me. Goodnight!

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