Eric’s parents are here.

This afternoon we took Eric’s parents on a little tour of Seattle. ¬†We didn’t make to it downtown Seattle, but we did make it to a few spots we usually take people when giving them a tour of the city.

We stopped at Mighty O for some dntz.

Gasworks park in Fremont was next on the agenda.

Lake Union and the city.

Duck boat!

Geese! *Honk honk*

I'm a goose! Here are my wings!

Becoming one with the geese.

The laziest goose ever.

The troll under the Aurora bridge in Fremont.

Big 'ol flowers near the Ballard locks.

Pretty fun, no?

The locks were opening up.


Eric's dad and Eric are looking up at things.

Eric's mom has a pressed penny obsession too!

Public art at the Ballard locks.

A National Geographic boat going through the locks.


We stopped at Kuan Yin tea house in Wallingford for some food. I had tomato and mushroom soup with jasmine lemonade.

We also had some spicy vegan samosas.

And finally we stopped at Fainting Goat in Wallingford for some gelato.

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