My new camera arrived…

just in time for the arrival of Eric’s parents!  They’ll be arriving tomorrow after and staying with us for about a week.  This weekend we’re taking a three day and two night trip along the peninsula to the west of us (This sadly includes Forks, WA), down the Washington coast, down down into Oregon to Cannon Beach and then beating cheeks up to Mt. St. Helen’s!  I’m rather excited for a trip!

And the camera.  She’s a  Panasonic-Lumix ZS8.  14.1 megapixel and 16 optical zoom.  It’s nothing over the top, but she’s does what I need her to do. 

Here she is! And yes...she takes much better photos than my iphone.

See? It takes photos like a camera should.

We have some decent macro settings.

Oh and it can do some fancy things...if this is fancy.

It also likes to pretend it's a pinhole camera.

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One thought on “My new camera arrived…

  1. Ugh I’m so jealous. I’m in dire need of a good point and shoot. 🙂

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