Welcome to the 2011 Evergreen State Fair!

Eric and I went to the Evergreen State Fair today.  It’s always fun to people watch at fairs.  It’s also fun to eat sugar and fried stuff…which we did!

It's the Michael Jackson ride! Shamona!


We're in the Pacific Northwest....coffee stands are a MUST!

Rickety fair rides.

Wood carving is fun.

You were looking for a wooden castle with dragons on it right?

It kind of looked like she was carving a squirrel.

Cute sheep!

Fair crafts.

Ribbon fries! Where I'm from they're called Cactus Taters...

Fried goodness!

You have a funny hat.

Sleepy ducks.

Tractor row.

My dad has that lunchbox AND he still uses it to take food to work.

An old printing press. This is on my birthday list.


You can't see me.

Cutest goats ever! I bleated with joy!

Eric was making friends.

Smiling goat.

Goats love to climb apparently.

Run away tortoise!

We stopped by the race track and watched the cars practice.

Snow cone. AKA...sugar and ice. It was coconut and rootbeer.

NO. NO. NO!!! Learn the difference between "your" and "you're" before you put it on the side of your food stand.


Sleepy horse.

I gave sleepy horse a goodnight kiss. Her name is Suzie-Q!


Hey big guy!

Smartz car and obnoxiously big "God Rock" car. He had spikes around his tires too. Lesson learned at the fair: Don't mess with God Rock.

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