Vintage postcard finds.

I’ve come across a few fun vintage postcards the past few weeks.  I have actually found most of them at the “vintage mall”  in Fremont.  “Vintage mall” meaning old stuff grandma doesn’t want.  I guess that’s fine, but the hipsters here take grandma’s old stuff to a new and horrid level.  Seriously guy working at the vintage mall….your bleach blond mullet isn’t doing it for me.  Neither was your diamond studded owl pin and your little gold chain holding your glasses to your face.  We did see him at the vegan cafe though.  *thumbs up to you!*

Harvesting salt near Salt Lake City, Utah. I love Utah!

In the words of two year old Taviri Barker..."Yooooouuu wanna ride that bunny? I wanna ride that bunny!!"

The legend of Snoqualmie Falls. I didn't know there was a legend.

Ever since I was a little gal I've liked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I just love Canada!

The Grand View Point Hotel in Pennsylvania. It's supposed to look like a boat. Too bad it burned down. I did a blog post about this a few months ago!

Douglas, Wyoming! I've been to Douglas AND I've seen that Jackalope!

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